Caring with a difference


Our care givers are trained to perfect their technical skills, compassion, and
the ability to communicate well with our patients and their families.

Meet Our Team

Operations Manager: Bre Patterson leads, directs and manages service and business operations at You in Mind Home Care Services, LLC. She works with external partners and is responsible for all aspects of service operations. She ensuresthe delivery of high quality servicesand positive outcomes for the client and their families and supervises the administration of the Agency

Bre’ Patterson

Marque Martinez

Home Care Manager: Marque Martinez is responsible for maintaining quality care within the Agency. He provides information and recommends care on an as need basis to clients by adopting an individualized approach that fosters self- awareness, and responsibility. Marque endorses both to individuals and families the need to participate in the development of their own care.

Office Staff: Sue Hu works within the guidelines of the Agency’s policy and procedures and ensures that the staff are in compliance. She is responsible for providing the appropriate information and support to callers, manages and maintains personal records on each staff member. She is responsible for creating a healthy culture both within and without the Agency.


Arthur Miller

Community Liaison: Arthur Miller is the voice of the Agency that upholds its values and ethos. He consults and educates families, attends job-fairs, special events, schedule meetings and develops links between You In Mind Home Care Services, LLC and the community. As Community Liaison he undertakes such duties and responsibilities that are reasonably consistent with his role. He also helps in other areas as may be required from time to time by the Operations Manager.

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